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Derek Bishop "Bicycling In Quicksand" CD cover and website link. Shawn Thomas "In Between The Shades Of Gray" CD cover and website link.

SUGARBEACH Single art work for "You Believe In Love" and website link. Linq "Disconnect" CD cover and website link. John Raymond Pollard "Wintertime Sky - Winter Holiday" cover and website link Shawn Thomas "Know Youre Not" Single art work and website link.
Nhojj; "Made To Love Him" CD cover and website link. "Rev Yolanda's Old Time Gospel Hour" Soundtrack CD cover and website link. Shawn Thomas "In Between The Shades Of Gray" CD cover and website link. CRAYMO "Be Myself" CD single cover and video link. Burning Nopal "Miscellanea" CD cover and website link.

See your favorite CD art and Artist above. 
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