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The OutVoice Top 20 CD chart is meant primarily to be a reflection of the diversity and popularity of music created by openly GLBTI,  (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and intersexed) artists and supporters. To also aid in the promotion and awareness of music created by GLBTI community artists. To obtain that goal, rules and standards have been put in place regarding eligibility of artists and albums.

OutVoice is aware that GLBTI people listen to all sorts of music and do not narrow their interests to only music made by GLBTI artists. The primary goal of this chart is to reflect music by GLBTI artists that do not necessarily garner attention in more mainstream charts. To create a broad awareness for community members of community art which is available. 

As stated above the GLBTI community listens to and enjoys a wide variety of music and artists. To disqualify those artists who avidly support our community makes us also guilty of prejudice and discrimination. We cannot best serve the interests of art through such prejudice and discrimination. Therefore OutVoice Top 40 Chart will be available to those artists who provide such support. 

OutVoice does not seek to determine if any artist is "Gay enough". If an artist states they are of the GLBTI community or show public support of the GLBTI community and artists they are eligible for OutVoice Top 20 inclusion. 

Artistic expression and content are rightfully the artist's tools. OutVoice will make no artistic qualifiers such as; lyrical or pronoun requirements for being "out", theme, or subject requirements for inclusion. 

OutVoice does not support censorship in art. Therefore music submitted for inclusion in our programs will not be edited. That being said, please be aware that if an artist has a song with language which by outside legal standard prohibits airplay OutVoice will not include the song. 

Here are the Album Chart rules for eligibility:

Eligible albums must comply with at least one of the following criteria;
1. Be performed by openly gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and or intersexed artists.
2. Relate to GLBTI and related  issues in some way such as Pride compilations, AIDS charity albums, GLBTI Chorus CDs, etc. OutVoice will support AIDS charity by allowing inclusion. That does not equate to say that OutVoice views AIDS as a GLBTI disease.
3. All eligible CD's must include a minimum of one GLBTI performer/artist or be created by a GLBTI artist or be an artist who outwardly supports the equality of the GLBTI community and artists.

Only complete and released CD's are eligible.

Soundtrack albums are eligible for the chart provided that the motion picture is GLBTI-themed and or includes a minimum of one GLBT performer/artist. GLBTI-Themed being defined as; of the GLBTI community, to benefit the GLBTI community, or about the GLBTI community.

A movie soundtrack that is deemed as 'camp' (Example: 'Valley of the Dolls') will not be eligible unless it is a GLBTI-themed movie.

Compilation albums will be eligible only if they are GLBTI-themed.

Artists that are simply rumored to be GLBTI are not eligible. In such cases OutVoice will directly contact artists who receive sufficient votes for chart placement to determine if the artist fits the above criteria and or wishes to accept the chart placement.  

Please see the Voter Rules page for further information about how to vote for Albums on the OutVoice charts.

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