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Welcome to OutVoice!

Want to get  listed here at OutVoice and be included in the OutVoice programs at Rainbow World Radio? You can submit your music and you will be added to the OutVoice Artists, or Stonewall Society GLBT Artists directory, and or Chris-Arts of 62901.. Additionally your music will be included in programming at Rainbow World Radio for both StoneWall Society, Chris-Arts of 6291and OutVoice. 

 How to submit to Outvoice

     You may directly submit to OutVoice by mailing or emailing your submission.  We need your permission to use; your music,  images of CD art, as well as an image of yourself. You may email submissions and or questions to Len. Please include your permission of use, website address in your email or sent package. It is not necessary to send complete media kits. However, liner notes and lyrics with a list of the songs on the CD are necessary.
Unless you specify otherwise your music will automatically be included in all promotions for StoneWall Society and Rainbow World Radio along with OutVoice promotions. 
     If you would like to sign up for the OutVoice list, that is separate and may be found here. The OutVoice list is a great way to share dates and information. 
Our shipping address to submit your music is:

On Equal Grounds 
POB 1254
Carbondale, Il 62901-1254

 You only need submit once and one set of music for all promotions.

Email us with any questions or problems.

We feature the music of the OutVoice Artists, Chris-Arts of 62901, and the StoneWall Society GLBT Artists Promotion.

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