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OutVoice operates largely from banner ad sales and your site memberships. Thanks for supporting our musicians. 

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 Artist Banner Promotion. 

We have a PayPal billing and services portal at www.onequalgrounds.net

The positions are available for $15.00 for two months, $25.00 for three months, $35.00 for four months, $45.00 for five months, $55.00 for six months, $10.00 for each additional month up to 11 months. 12 months for $90.00 Monthly change image availability. Specific placement in the banner is not a choice option.  Banners are displayed on the main page at OutVoice, Rainbow World Radio, and Chris-Arts of 62901. 

Images may be square or rectangle, we will work out sizes with on each banner ad purchased, Our goal is to match our banner to your needs. 

This will give artists opportunities to use the promotion. Artists may purchase to promote a CD, an event. Or artists' fan base may purchase with a graphic. Fans may place their favorite CD's and artists. Fans may join together and send in a purchase for ten dollars. All is done through our new services portal On Equal Grounds. 

Just follow this link, https://www.onequalgrounds.net/outvoicepromos.htm  and you will see the promotions for OutVoice.



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