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2007 OutVoice Top 40 CD Chart 
Congratulations Artists!!

Hear the 2007 OutVoice Top 40 Chart  Show on 

        Artist / Link      CD Title         

1. Nick Granato “Outside The Lines”

2. Terry Christopher   “Journey Of A Wordsmith”

3. Kris Landherr  “Will Rassel For Food”

4. CYNOVA  "Miracle Alley”

5. Shawn Thomas “Faith Unashamed”

6. Levi Kreis  “The Gospel According To Levi”

7. Carlyn Hutchins  “Lust Love Lost”

8. NEKKED  "A Barrier Of Skin”

9. Jeremy James  “Landlocked”

10. Norine Braun “Evolution Of The Blood Star”

11. Danny Katz  “Strangely Beautiful”

12. Congress Of Starlings  “Albedo”

13. Sister Funk  “Gossip”

14. Sue Merchant  “Fool”

15. Natalia Zuckerman  "Only One”

16. Woobie Bear Music  “G” * CD Global 1 Various Artists

17. Robert German “Sirens of Brooklyn”

18. Ashley MacIsaac  “Pride”

19. Tanya Pluth  “Saving Graces”

20. Jess Yoakum  “Jess Yoakum”

21. Ochi  "Just Ochi”

22. Richard Cortez  “Craving Something Beautiful”

23. Enio   "Oz”

24. CRAYMO    "Cosmos”

25. K.D. Lang    "Reintarnation”

26. Nathan Duprey    "Leisure Time”

27. Freddy Freeman    “Break The Silence”

28. Lovari  "Lovari”

29. Ari Gold    Transport Systems"

30. Namoli Brennet    "Alive”

31. Joshua Klipp   "Won‘t Stop Now”

32. Prince Myshkins   “Total Myshkin Awareness”

33. Mara Levi  "What Are You?”

34. Georgie Jessup  “Woman In A Man’s Suit”

35. Armstrong Jr.   “Come Show Your Face”

36. Joshua Klipp    "Patience

37. Linq    "Fast Moving Dream”

38. Melissa Etheridge   "The Awakening”

39. Nemesis Rising   "Rise Up”

40. Ellis   "Evidence of Joy”

        Determination is by a total of chart points received for the entire year. Each ballot of ten has a potential value of 55 points. 

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