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2006 OutVoice Top 40 CD Chart 
Congratulations Artists!!

Hear the 2006 OutVoice Top 40 Chart  Show on 
Monthly song changes, will run through 1/31/2008. 
Now we will also feature your artists comments we have received about their OutVoice Chart placement.

        Artist / Link      CD Title         
1.  Levi Kreis “One Of The Ones”
From Levi; "Man that is so cool! Awesome news! Thanks for the congrats my friend. I have a blast talkin' with you. :-)"
2.  Tanya Pluth   "Saving Graces" * 

3Georgie Jessup  “Woman In A Man’s Suit” * 
From Georgie; "Thanks Len I'll let folks know! Big love....gj"
4.  Dudley Saunders  “The Billy White Acre Sessions”

5.  Susan Souza  "Inside And Outside"* 
From Susan; "I am absolutely thrilled to have support /votes from my peers.  It is very satisfying to have people vote for "Inside and Outside" without being prompted!!  ha-ha.  Thank you all.
9bobNOTE  "Mad AT Superman" * 
Shimmerplanet  "For The One Who Kills Tomorrow" *
8.  John Raymond Pollard  “Map Of The Americas”
Sister Funk  Gossip” * 
From Sister Funk; "Len, We're HONORED! A huge THANK YOU for your dedication, love and commitment to our community!!!! We appreciate all that you do and StoneWall does and continues to do for the emerging GLBT artist. Love ya, Denise, Tina, Blaze, Eppy, & Jen. Sister Funk
Jeremy Gloff "Now's The Right Time To Feel Good"*
From Jeremy; "I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to listen to my music and vote for me. I am so honored to have made the top ten! Please let me know you are out there...I like to be in touch with the people who listen to me.  Add me on myspace or email me from my site!  Here's to a great 2007 much love Jeremy" 
11. The Damsels “Ashes”  *
From The Damsels: "Thank you so much for putting our
CD at #11 for the year. We're proud to be on the charts with our debut CD and we are so honored to be mentioned
with so many outstanding GLBT artists. Thank you Len. The Damsels

12. Roger Kuhn   "Proof" *
From Roger
; "Hey Len - that's great news!!!  Thanks so much.  :)  I'm really excited
about my video shoot for What's Your Name.  I'll be sure to let you know
when the video is done.
Thanks again for all your continued support. Roger"
13. Al Start  GO  *
14. Girlyman "little star"
15. Sue Merchant  Fool” *

16. Charles Green  "Oxygen & Love"
The Divys  “This Is What You Get”*
From The Divys; "We thank you soooo much!"
18. Kinsey Sicks "I Wanna To Be A Republican"
From The Kinsey Sicks; "Len, we're thrilled! 18 is a good number. And we didn't realize we were even in the running. Thank you for being such a devoted supporter and promoter of our work and that of other independent queer artists. It's such a good feeling having you out there. And please thank Danny for us as well. 
Much love from all the Kinsey Gyrlz, Irwin"

19. Patrick Boothe “Finally The View Has Changed”*
From Patrick; "Len,
Thanks so much!!! I'm honored!! :) > -p"
20. Vicki Blankenship   "Horizons" *

21. Nedra Johnson    “Nedra”
From Nedra; "
Hi Len,  Thanks! Very cool.  I'm happy to be included! Love & Blessings to you!  I appreciate your work! Nedra" 
22. Bill Budd    “And So Here” * 
23. Linq  Fast Moving Dream” * 
From Linq; "Thanks again, Len.  I'm honored to be a part of Rainbow World Radio.
Peace Linq"
24. Tret Fure   “Anytime, Anywhere”
From Tret; "Thank you Len,  I'll put a link on my web with a note about the show.

25. RubberLegs "The Timinator - Boyfriends, Volume 1"
From Rubberlegs; "Thanks Len, that is awesome!! Big hug, Gordon"

26. Billi & Patti  - “Love And Other Four Letter Words”
27. Candye Kane  "White Trash Girl"
From Candye; "dear Len, been meaning to write you and thank you so much for including my music on your show and for all of your kind support of my career. It really means alot when people notice your work and believe that it counts!. I hope to see you in person soon. Candye"
28. Elton John "The Captain and the Kid"
29. Cris Williamson  “Real Deal” *

30. Joshua Klipp  Patience  *
From Joshua's Representaive; "Hi Len, What great news!  Thanks for sharing, and for all of your support. Best, Tamara" 
31. Andy Northrup “Cardboard Logic”*
From Andy; "Well the OutVoice year end chart for 2006 came in and 'Cardboard Logic' ended up at #31. This after placing at #1 for 2005's OutVoice chart. It amazes me that people are still discovering the album and buying it two years after it was released but needless to say that I'm grateful. It's appreciated folks, more than you know. Thanks again and please continue to vote.  It means the world to artists to know that you're paying attention.  Cheers, Andy"
Melissa Ferrick  "In The Eyes Of Strangers"
33. Shawn Ryan  "Blue Skies"
From Shawn; " Mr. Rogers, What great news! Thank you so much for your continued support of my music. I will announce this to my lists to promote the show on the 1st! All my best! Shawn Ryan"  34. Armstrong Jr.  “Come Show Your Face” *
From Armstrong Jr. ;" Awesome many, many thanks!"
35. Reuben  Golden Boy
From Reuben; "C
ool and now it seems to be up to #20"

Gregory Douglass  “Stark”*
Daphne Rubin-Vega “Redemption Songs”  *
From Daphne's
Representative; " Hi Len, This is great!!  Thanks so much for letting me know. Hope all is well with you! Regards, Rachel" 
38.  Chris Pureka  “DryLand”*
39. Woobie Bear Music “Bear Tracks 3”Compilation
40. Scott Free  “They Call Me Mr. Free” *
From Scott; "Hi Len!!
Hey, I snuck in at #40 for 2006 - whew!!!! Thanks again and again for keeping Outvoice going!!!"

        Determination is by a total of chart points received for the entire year. Each ballot of ten has a potential value of 55 points. 

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