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On January 6, 2005 we presented the OutVoice top 40 CD's for 2005. This chart was determined by chart rank averages throughout 2005. We featured the literal countdown show on Rainbow World Radio  at 7:00pm eastern time. The OutVoice Top 40 CD's of 2005 will be a permanent program on Rainbow World Radio with different music from the top 40 CD's rotated monthly.

The 2005 Top 40 from OutVoice

1. Andy Northrup   “Cardboard Logic”  *
2. Scott Free  “They Call Me Mr. Free” * 
3. Dave Montana    “Such Things As Love & Pain” *
4. Woobie Bear Music   “Bear Tracks 2” Compilation CD *   
5. Keyth Lawrence and The Purple Circle   “Figures” * 
6. Tret Fure   “Anytime, Anywhere” *
7. Jamie Anderson   “Promise Of Light” *   
8. Terry Christopher  “Take Another Look” * 
9. The 669 Band  “Touch The Sky” *
10. John Raymond Pollard  “Body Politic” *    
11. Wishing Chair   “Underdog” *   
12. Eric Himan    "Dark Horse" *
13. Ari Gold   “Space Under Sun” *   
14. Nedra Johnson    “Nedra” *   
15. Bill Budd    “And So Here” *
16. Figjam Entertainment  "ABBALicious" *
17. Amy Ray   “Prom” *
18. Sacha Sacket    “Shadowed” * 
19. Josh Zuckerman   “A Totally New Sensation” *
20. Scissor Sisters "Scissor Sisters"
21. Norine Braun   “Now & Zen” * 
22. Mark Weigle   “Soul Sex” *
23. Kinsey Sicks "I Wanna To Be A Republican"*
24. Daniel Link "Color Of  Rain"* 
25. Ripley Caine   “Works In Progress” *
26. Mike Rickard    “Stirred Not Shaken” * 
27. Emily Nyman  "Outside The Lines" *
28. Houston Bernard "Whore’s Have More Fun" *
29. Cris Williamson  “Real Deal” *
30. Rufus Wainwright  “Want Two”
31. Andy Mullen & The Shapeshifters  "Lullaby For A Junkie"  *
32. Ani DiFranco “Educated Guess”  *
33. Skott Freedman "Judge A Book" * 
34. Leah Zicari    “Pretty On Thursday” *
35. Daniel Cartier     “Revival” *
36. Drew Paralic    “Blue Passion” * 
37. Ferron /Turning Into Beautiful
38. Christopher Dallman   “Race The Light” * 
39. Indigo Girls    “All That We Let In” 
40. Mara Levi  "Life's A Ball" * 

We feature the music of the OutVoice Artists and the StoneWall Society GLBT Artists Promotion.

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