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Derek Bishop "Bicycling In Quicksand" CD cover and website link. Shawn Thomas "In Between The Shades Of Gray" CD cover and website link.
SUGARBEACH Single art work for "You Believe In Love" and website link. John Raymond Pollard "Wintertime Sky - Winter Holiday" cover and website link CRAYMO "Be Myself" CD single cover and video link. Shawn Thomas "Know Youre Not" Single art work and website link.
Nhojj; "Made To Love Him" CD cover and website link. Shawn Thomas "In Between The Shades Of Gray" CD cover and website link.
Linq "Disconnect" CD cover and website link. "Rev Yolanda's Old Time Gospel Hour" Soundtrack CD cover and website link. Burning Nopal "Miscellanea" CD cover and website link.

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OutVoice June 2014 Top Ten Literary Picks Chart 

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Under 100 voters. We will keep the chart open thru the end of the year to try to get voter count above 100. 

Congratulations Artists!!
Pos Artist Book
3 Christopher Rice THE HEAVENS RISE
4 Patricia Nell Warren  THE FRONT RUNNER  *
5 Duane Simolke THE ACORN STORIES  *
6 Diane and Jacob Anderson- Minshall QUEERLY BELOVED: A LOVE STORY ACROSS GENDERS 
7 Sally Bellerose THE GIRLS CLUB
8 Jerry Rabushka STAR BRYAN *
10 Joel Derfner LAWFULLY WEDDED HUSBAND How My Gay Marriage Will Save the American Family

167 voters in June, 146 voters in May 2014

* indicates book  in library 
Bold print indicates an artist participant.





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