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Welcome to OutVoice!

Inclusion in the monthly Top 20 CD Chart is based on votes received from your fans and our visitors. There must be a minimum of 100 voters to establish a monthly chart. We accept one ballot of ten separate votes per month per valid email address. One vote per artist/band per ballot. So you may vote for up to ten artists or bands. (We do have a provision for couples who share an email address, just use separate names.) Votes included in monthly counts are dated from the first day of that  month to the last day of that  month. Example: If you vote anytime in January then you are voting for the January chart.  

Monthly results For the Top 20 CD Chart are posted on the 15th of each month. Results for the Top Ten Songs are posted on the 10th of each month.  The results are posted here on OutVoice and a monthly radio program of the Top 10 of that month's top 20 will be available at Rainbow World Radio all month for the charted CD's. A radio program for all Top Ten songs will also be available at Rainbow World Radio If you are on the chart you should consider submitting your music so that we may include your music in our programs. 

We suggest that you place a link on your website which asks your fans/visitors to vote for you at OutVoice. You may use the images available in our "Link To Us" section if you like. You may also send messages to your fans via your lists requesting they vote for your music. This aids you in marketing, creating a loyal and active fan base, and of course you are increasing the awareness of your music and GLBT music overall!    

Want to get  listed here at OutVoice and be included in the OutVoice programs at Rainbow World Radio? You can submit your music and you will be added to the OutVoice Artists and Stonewall Society GLBT Artists directory. Additionally you will be included in the free StoneWall Society GLBT Artists Promotion, and your music will be included in programming at Rainbow World Radio for both StoneWall Society and OutVoice. 

     The benefits of submitting your music and participating in OutVoice and StoneWall Society;

  1. Both OutVoice and StoneWall Society basic promotions are free to the participants.

  2. You will be listed with links to your websites on  StoneWall Society GLBT Artists Directory & GLBT Artists. (Basic Promotion - free)

  3. Increase your visibility by being included. StoneWall Society has been between the number one and ten return on Yahoo and Google for searches of GLBT Artists and GLBT Artist. (As of 5-2-2011 we have maintained this position for over eight years).

  4. Have your music heard on one of the oldest GLBT Internet Radio websites, Rainbow World Radio

  5. And more benefits. See complete benefits of participation here. This list includes free basic program information, selected link requirement, and charge programs. 

How to submit to Outvoice

     You may directly submit to OutVoice by taking a moment and complete this simple form. We need your permission to use; your music,  images of CD art, as well as an image of yourself. You may email submission questions to Len. Please include your website address in your email or sent package. It is not necessary to send complete media kits. However, liner notes and lyrics with a list of the songs on the CD are necessary.
Unless you specify otherwise your music will automatically be included in all promotions for StoneWall Society and Rainbow World Radio along with OutVoice promotions. 
     If you would like to sign up for the OutVoice list, that is separate and may be found here. The OutVoice list is a great way to share dates and information. The top 20 CD chart and Top Ten Song results are also released on the list.
Our shipping address to submit your music is:

StoneWall Society Network / OutVoice 
POB 1438
Alabaster, Alabama 35007-1438

 You only need submit once and one set of music for all promotions. If you are interested in participating in the SWS and Rainbow World Radio Pot of Gold  promotion that information is here.

Email us with any questions or problems.

We feature the music of the OutVoice Artists and the StoneWall Society GLBT Artists Promotion.

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