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OutVoice April 2009 Top Forty Chart 

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Congratulations Artists!!
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1 Scott Free  "The Pink Album (A Pop Opera)"  *
2 Eric Himan "Resonate" *
3 Dan Manjovi  “Woke Up This Morning”  *
4 Cris Williamson  “Fringe”*
5 Ron Morris "Truth Stained Lies" *
6 Tret Fure “True Compass” *
7 Rachael Sage  "Chandelier" *
8 Matt Zarley "Here I Am"  *
9 8 Inch Betsy "This Time, Last Time, Every Time"  *
10 Steven Franz “Skins & Shirts” 
11 Jeffrey Wilgus  “Signature” *
12 SUGARBEACH "I Just Love Girls"  *
13 Jeffrey Altergott  "Don't Be a Stranger" *
14 Joshua Klipp Won‘t Stop Now”* 
15 Shawn Thomas “Worship & Desperation” *
16 Storybox “No Dancing Allowed” *
17 Horse McDonald  “Red Haired Girl” *  
18 Mark Barnes "The Awakening" *
19 Morry Campbell "Long Way Home" *
20 Pamala Stanley "Seasons Of My Heart"   *
21 Josh Duffy "Artificial” *
22 John Raymond Pollard “Character” *
23 Nick Granato “Outside The Lines”  *
24 Tom Goss  “Rise”  *
25 Winsome Griffles "Meet The Griffles  *
26 Ian Wilson "The Crater"  EP
27 Woobie Bear Music “G”  CD Global 2 Various Artists  *
28 Terry Christopher “Journey Of A Wordsmith”  *
29 Keith Hampton  "Chance and Change"
30 Ari Gold Transport Systems"*
31 Chris Schutz & Tourists "Gemini"  *
32 Girlyman "Somewhere Different Now"
33 Jeffery Straker "Step Right Up" *
34 Wedlock  "Exogamy" *
35 Aaron Mayer Frankel "Clues" *
36 Shannon Tower Band "For What It's Worth"  *
37 Lovari "The Statement"  *
38 Clay Aiken "On My Way Here"
39  Ariel Aparicio "All These Brilliant Things"  *
40 Ryan Mintz  "Monkeys & Ice Cream"

893 voters this month. 969 voters last month. 

* indicates music in library 
Bold print indicates an artist participant.

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